SANG Range of Services

By requirements, all limited companies in Malaysia must be audited by registered auditor. Sang goes the extra miles. Apart from complying with statutory requirements, we encourage our audit clients to turn the legal necessity of audit into useful information.

With the information generated from auditing, we highlight to our clients the inefficiencies in their business operations and systems; we recommend ways to strengthen control and propose innovative solutions for compliance with the latest regulations and accounting standards as well as to operate more cost effectively.

Personal & Corporate Taxation
SANG provides taxation services to both individual and corporation. We provide routine compliance submissions as well as advice on specific tax issues that may be required on ad hoc basis. We appreciate and undertake the technicalities and legalities involved in assessing your unique financial situation to obtain maximum tax benefit and relief.

We do not just do computation! We make you maximize your tax benefits and relief and gain the maximum financial power.

Accounting Services
We provide book keeping as well as finalizing financial statements services. SANG employs computerized accounting system to ascertain your financial statements are generated accurately and on a timely basis. If you prefer to maintain the accounting records in your office, just express your needs and we will arrange weekly or bi-weekly visit to your office depending on your needs.

There are stories behind your financial numbers. It is important to transform the numbers into useful information. You don't have to be an accounting expert to understand your financial statements. We have a qualified team to evaluate your numbers and analyze to you in the language you understand. Most important of all, we provide recommendation for risks or weaknesses identified as well as tap on the potential area for growth.

Company Secretarial
The Companies Act, 1965 sets out an extensive array of duties, responsibilities and guidelines for the administration of company affairs. SANG assists clients to operate within the regulations of the Act. It also sets up new companies, lodges the required documents and keeps the required books and registers up to date. SANG assists you to structure your group of corporations to maximise information flow, and effective decision making system to comply with legislation, not just prepared documents for signatory purposes.

Business Consultancy
SANG's expertise in the field of management consultancy stems from years of business consulting experiences with established consulting firms.

Planning and Review - We provide specialised yet value for money services such as feasibility studies, financial planning and modelling, corporate planning, operations appraisal, capital investment appraisal, risk management, insurance planning, prelisting reviews and information memoranda, as well as forming legal and strategic alliance.

Operation System - Advisory services on evaluation, design and implementation of business operation systems is our forte. For every new system proposed and adopted in your operation, we make sure it runs smoothly and achieve the desired result.

Merger and Acquisition - We provide investigation and report on business entities to be acquired and conduct share valuation. We assist our clients to evaluate the viability of the merger and acquisition transaction as well as to involve in negotiation process if required.

Human Resource - This includes advisory services on human resources from recruitment,to interview and final selection of the right candidate.

"ITs" Your Business
In today's highly competitive environment, computers have become essential tools to increase business efficiency and profits. SANG renders expert advice on selecting the right combination of hardware and software, to suit both current business requirements and future expansion plans.

Many business owners are not aware nor enjoy the advantages of technology. We provide analysis to you how technology can benefit you and assist you to transform your conventional business approach to an "IT state".

This so called "IT state" may begin internally from your office administration, accounting system, inventory control, human resource; to front line customer services such as point of sales, bar coding system, customer data base etc.