Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions of SANG Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. ("SANG") for use of this Site. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Your use of the Site and the Service will be subject to these terms and conditions.

1. What you are allowed to do
1.1 You may use the Site for personal use and in accordance with these terms.
1.2 You may:
•   browse the Site using a compatible web browser. Permission to browse the Site includes permission to make transient or cached copies of parts of the Site to the extent that this occurs in the normal course of using your browser and that these copies are used only to facilitate current or subsequent access to the Site by you;
•   print a copy of any page of the Site;
for your own personal purposes, provided you do not do any of the things set out under "What you are not allowed to do".

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2. What you are not allowed to do
2.1 Except to the extent expressly set out in these terms, you are not allowed to make any copies of any part of the Site.
2.2 You may not remove or change anything on the Site.
2.3 You may not include or create links to or from the Site.
2.4 You are not allowed to copy or use any material from the Site for any commercial purpose.
2.5 You are not allowed to remove or change any copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property right notices contained in the original material or from any material copied or printed off from the Site.
2.6 You must only use the Site and anything available from the Site for lawful purposes,

3. Your personal information
3.1 Usage of your personal information is governed by SANG's Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

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4. Rights
4.1 All intellectual property rights in any material (including text, photographs and other images and sound, trade marks and logos) contained in this Site is either owned by SANG or has been licensed to SANG by the rights owner(s) so that SANG can use this material as part of its Site. You are only allowed to use this Site and the material contained in the Site as set out in these terms.

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5. Disclaimer and limitation of liability
5.1 You agree that your use of the Service is on an "as is" and "as available" basis and that your use of the Service is at your sole risk. SANG tries to make sure that all information contained on the Site is correct, but it does not accept any liability for any error or omission. You should check with SANG before acting on any information on the Site. SANG is not liable for any action you may take as a result of relying on any information provided in this Site.
5.2 SANG may change the format and content of the Site from time to time. You should refresh your browser each time you visit the Site to ensure that you download the most up to date version of the Site.
5.3 The Site may include links to external sites and co-branded pages. SANG includes links to these sites and co-branded pages to provide you with access to information and services that you may find useful or interesting. SANG is not responsible for the content of these sites and pages or for anything provided by them.

6. Suspension and termination of Service
6.1 SANG may suspend the operation of the Site for repair or maintenance work or in order to update or upgrade the contents or functionality of the Site from time to time. Access to or use of the Site or any Sites or pages linked to it will be not necessarily be uninterrupted or error free.

7. General and governing law
7.1 SANG may change these terms and conditions from time to time and will endeavour to notify you of any major changes by posting a message on the Site. By browsing the Site you are accepting that you are bound by the current terms and conditions. You should check these each time you revisit the Site. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of any other provision. SANG may delay enforcing its rights under these terms and conditions without losing them. You agree that SANG may sub-contract the performance of any of its obligations or may assign these terms and conditions or any of its rights or obligations without giving you notice.
7.2 These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with English law, and you consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

8. Enquiries or complaints
8.1 If you have any enquiries or complaints then please address them to:

Please note that everything on this Site is subject to our Terms and Conditions and you should read these before going any further. You are treated as accepting them by browsing the SANG Site.